Let’s start off by saying how thankful I am that you’re here! I couldn’t do what I love without my incredible clients, truly.

Creative photography found me during a major transitional time in my life, & when I tell you it helped shape me into who I feel I was always meant to be - I really mean it (even as cheesy as it sounds). I am a believer in trusting your intuition, living a life that feels aligned & always finding new ways to set your creative soul on fire. That is what Thistle & Roots is to me.
I started working weddings in 2017 as an assistant to a florist & coordinator, I then went on to manage two wedding Venues, & finally found my place in creative photography in 2021. Seeing how each day comes together to represent the couple & their individual interests is my favorite part of wedding photography! Before Thistle & Roots was solely dedicated to photography, I focused on Social Media Management and building brands. So, naturally branding photography is a huge passion of mine - getting to work with fellow creatives is seriously the coolest thing ever.

I am a bit of a homebody so when I’m not out creating art I can be found at home with my husband & our three fur babies, Zelda, Jedi, & Aloy - likely bingeing tv or playing video games. I’m a Leo, lover of coffee, live music, herbal tea, a good book, and I absolutely believe in the magic in the world. I live to capture authentic moments that tell stories so that they may live forever.

But enough about me - this is all about you! I can’t wait to get to know you more - who you are, what sets your soul on fire, & what vision you have for whatever creative project you come to me with. I’m here for it all. ♥

The woman behind the camera. 

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You absolutely need to vibe with your photographer. So, reach out & we will make sure we are a good fit!

OK but for real.